Phenotypic Prediction: Image Acquisition and Analysis

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Keynote lecture I: Pat Schnable “Predictive Plant Phenomics"Unavailable


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Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
Welcome and Description of D3AI
Danny Singh
“Digital phenotyping for gene discoveries and genetic enhancement"
Ludovico Cademartiri
“Engineered Plant Environments for Root Phenotyping”
Lie Tang
“Robotic Plant Phenotyping – Challenges and Opportunities”
Kevin Price
“Using Ultra-High Spatial Resolution Drone Color Infrared Imagery for
High Throughput Phenotyping”
Maria Salas-Fernandez
“A field-based high-throughput phenotyping platform to discover the
genetic architecture of sorghum biomass yield components over time”
Ruth Bastow
“DivSeek: An international partnership to harness the genetic potential
of crop diversity”
Carson Andorf
“MaizeDIG: a mechanism for connecting gene models to phenotypes”
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill
“Information Systems for the Maize Genomes to Fields Initiative”
Hridesh Rajan
“Opportunities and Challenges in Establishing a Shared Scientific
Big Data Infrastructure”
Iddo Friedberg
“A Replicable Guide to Reproducible Research”
Soumik Sarkar
“Machine Learning for Plant Phenotypic Decision-making”
Keynote lecture II: Chris Topp
“There’s a World Going on Underground:
Imaging Technologies to Understand Root Growth Dynamics
and Rhizosphere Interactions”
Brooke Langlitz
Training, Policy, and Ethical, Legal, Social, & Environmental
Implications moderator:
Julie Dickerson
“NSF Research Traineeship: Predictive Plant Phenomics (P3)”
Jon Kelly
“Crowdsourcing for Plant Phenotypes”
Adina Howe
“Shifts in Microbiology in a Big Data landscape?”
Shawn Dorius
“Model Thinking in Science”


Presenter Slide Deck from Thursday February 25, 2016Download
Ruth Bastow - community survey activity reports