Data-Driven Science Initiative Workshop

Presenter Slide Deck from Wednesday January 27, 2016 Download
George Strawn
Big Data: from the perspective of a recently retired co-chair
of the Federal interagency senior steering group on big data R&D
Matt Vaughn
Scaling People, Not Just Systems, to Take On Big Data Challenges
Christopher Zorn
Building Big Data Initiatives Across the University:
Challenges and Opportunities
Tony Brownlee
Text Mining and Cognitive Processing Use Cases for Legal Entity Data


Presenter Slide Deck from Thursday January 28, 2016 Download
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Asheesh (Danny) Singh,
& Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

D3AI: Data-Driven Discovery for Agricultural Innovation
Ulrike Passe & Alenka Poplin
Big Data for Sustainable City Decision Making
Jae-Kwang Kim
Bottom-up estimation and top-down prediction in multilevel models:
Solar Energy Prediction combining information from multiple sources
Annette O’Connor
Developing an Automated Functional Language EXtraction (AFLEX)
system to transform the translation of STEM research to society