Presidential Interdisciplinary Research Initiative

Rationale and Vision

Advances in data-driven science spur transformative innovations in a wide variety of fields. These data science methods and tools have the potential to positively impact the field of agriculture, which is obviously critical for Iowa State University and the state of Iowa. Opportunities exist to make significant strides in data collection, management, interpretation and use – all in the context of data-driven agriculture. The vision of this PIRI is to set the stage for ISU to become the recognized international research source of expertise in data driven agriculture, including ethical, legal, societal, and environmental implications (ELSEI).

Focus and impact

The PIRI funding will enable three research teams to build a single cohesive team with expertise to address research challenges in data driven agriculture spanning the smallest plant scale through co-op scales, and eventually regional scales.


PIRI in Data Driven Science



Presidential research initiative builds, advances four big data research teams

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